Montclair Criminal Lawyer

Montclair Criminal Lawyer

by | Dec 13, 2021 | Essex County Criminal Attorney

It’s always very unsettling to be arrested or charged for a crime. When facing criminal charges, it’s key to have someone you can trust by your side. Your Montclair criminal lawyer is supposed to be this person, but not all attorneys will provide the same quality service. If you or someone close to you is ever facing criminal charges, a good criminal defense attorney can make or break the outcome of your case. Below are some things to look for when seeking a good criminal defense attorney near Montclair, NJ.

Signs of a Great Montclair Criminal Lawyer

Montclair Criminal Lawyer

They Understand the Rights of Their Client:

A good criminal defense attorney in Montclair, NJ cares that their client’s rights are protected.. The attorney should take the necessary steps to make sure that a client is treated not only fairly, but justly. Things may not always go smoothly in court, especially when dealing with criminal charges. A good NJ criminal defense attorney is going to fight for a client’s rights no matter the severity of the charge. This should be obvious to the client and within the courtroom.

Focus on Protecting Rights, Rather Than Proving Innocence:

A good Montclair criminal defense lawyer does not care if their client “actually did something.” Of course criminal defendants want their attorney, along with everybody else, to believe they are innocent of a charge. However, rather than being concerned with whether a person is innocent or guilty, a good criminal defense attorney is more interested in protecting and fighting for defendants using their resources at hand. This ties back to point one – good criminal attorneys care about protecting people’s constitutional rights.

No Stone is Left Unturned:

The best Montclair criminal defense attorneys don’t just stop with police reports. After receiving prosecution and police reports, this is where the work for a NJ criminal lawyer really begins. They should immediately start investigating any allegations along with a criminal investigator in a discovery process. At this point, the defense attorney is learning everything he or she possibly can about a case by talking to witnesses, gathering records, and any evidence related to the allegation. When they go above and beyond simple reports and demanding more from prosecutors and other sources, criminal defense attorneys can really create major advantages for their clients. By the time they are in court, a good criminal defense attorney shouldn’t be surprised by anything.

They Know When to Plead the Fifth

A reputable Montclair criminal attorney insists that their client exercise the right to remain silent (also known as the Fifth Amendment). The client should not talk to anyone about the case, except their lawyer and the investigator. This is a delicate time and a lawyer can advise on what should be said at a given time, if anything. A good criminal defense lawyer in NJ knows how to protect their case and client.

Great Communication Throughout the Process:

A good criminal defense attorney in Montclair keeps their client constantly updated on whether or not they are looking at jail time. People being charged, especially with severe allegations, are at constant instability on whether being locked up is a likely possibility. This can cause extreme stress. By keeping clients constantly updated and showing them that they truly have their best interests in mind, criminal defense attorneys can set themselves apart from other criminal lawyers and ease some of their client’s stress. Simply taking the time to meet with their client and discuss the case and options can help ease many worries and questions. The client should always be the priority of a criminal defense lawyer.

Are You Looking for an Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney Near Montclair, NJ?

If you’re looking for a great Montclair criminal attorney, Scott V. Spina is the person to contact! Whether it’s drug charges, restraining orders, financial crimes, disorderly persons, insurance fraud, or real estate closings, Scott is well-versed in all of those and more. His passion to help others in challenging times has paved his career as a lawyer. His firm is set on core values such as communication, willingness to listen, sound judgement, and compassion for each and every client. Service towns in the Essex County, NJ area include Bloomfield, Nutley, Millburn, Short Hills, Montclair, Livingston, Fairfield, Roseland, West Orange, and many more. For more information, you can contact Scott at (973)743-4801, or visit the website.

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